What did you study, year of graduation, and in which university?
Business Administration, 2013, Upoli Rivas

What is your current job?
Director of Community Development, Comunidad Connect, Jinotega

What are your dreams?
I have many dreams. On a professional level, I want to continue to educate myself in the social area, working on social projects. It is difficult to pay for a postgraduate or master’s degree in community development/social management but it is never too late, they say. I hope that one day the economy will create more opportunities to save money or to do “something else.”

What impact did having a scholarship from FAJB have on your life?
Because of my excellent high school grades, I received scholarship offers from MINED, but I had the opportunity to apply for the Fundación. Receiving the news that I had been selected was very gratifying. From the first day, meeting the people who were supporting my future and, now, being part of their families, fills me with eternal gratitude. Without a doubt the experience marked my social work today.
What is the most important thing you learned during your time with FAJB?
The most important and relevant thing has been participation in community service activities. I learned that community service strengthens the solidarity and goodness that we all have. It frames the way we view our careers and the way we cope with challenges. As scholarship students we learn the value of things once again.
How important is having a university title to achieving your goals?
My university degree is making a difference in our societty’s challenges and opportunities. Education is the inheritance that our parents leave us, and to be educated and to fulfill goals with the help of others is a great achievement for those of us who believe that education eliminates obstacles.
Are you married, do you have children?
I am single, without children.