What did you study, year of graduation, and in which university?
Accounting 2011 UPOLI RIVAS

What is your current job?
Family business, sale of fishing articles (Tienda Calu)

What are your dreams?
My dream now is to take my small business to another level, and expand beyond this municipality.

How did the Fundación scholarship impact your life?
With the Fundación scholarship I managed to conclude one of my goals in life, therefore its impact was positive, because it helped me improve my academic level and standard of living.​
What is the most important thing you learned during your time with FAJB?
During my time with the Fundación, I learned to work more as a team. I learned the filigree technique, thanks to the handicraft courses offered by the Fundación in those years, through the Art Gallery. I learned to work with children in children’s entertainment activities, (which by the way when the Fundación has activities with children I would love to be included and could help support a project).
How important is having a university title to achieving your goals?
My title was extremely important to achieve better financial control of my business.
Are you married, do you have children?
Married with 2 children