This September 29 closed the period of development of the practical theoretical seminar project of the baseball camp carried out for 5 days with those from the communities of Las Pampas and Ostional.

To put the knowledge in the baseball camp seminar into practice, the last day concluded with a friendly game between the children of the Ostional team and Los Marlins del Sur from the Las Pampas community. At the end of the game, trophies were awarded to the winning teams and the best hitters and pitcher of the game were awarded with medals. In the first pre-children’s game, the winning team of Los Marlins del Sur (10-1) received a trophy and in the second children’s game received a trophy for the winning team from Ostional (18-10).

The A. Jean Brugger Foundation is especially grateful to our ally and sponsor of this project, the Christopher Shatagin Sports Foundation, directed by John and Kimberly MacDonal. We also thank coach Alejandro José Noguera Castro for the loyalty, passion and efficiency of his work with the A. Jean Brugger Foundation on this project for 14 years; We cannot leave unnoticed the gratitude to the municipal authorities who kindly provided the conditions of the stadium for the development of this educational sports event and finally we thank the parents of Families for trusting the coach and the A. Jean Brugger Foundation.

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