A group of women between the ages of 13 and 49 years from the community of Pochote, received a talk on reproductive sexual health by medical and nursing students who are scholarship holders of Fundación A. Jean Brugger and collaborate voluntarily in the project of education on reproductive sexual health aimed at women in the communities of San Juan del Sur. Thirteen women participated in the activity, the topics they received were: What is sexual reproductive health, risks of teenage pregnancy and breastfeeding. The mothers and young people were advised to be multipliers or carriers of information and counselors with their daughters and friends about the knowledge acquired in the training on sexual reproductive health, to avoid early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases due to poor personal hygiene.

At the end of the talk, each participant was given a kit of washable sanitary napkins that were donated by the organization International Day for Girls, these packages contain, protective barriers for moisture, wipes, cloth bag, panties, bar of soap, plastic bag with zipper etc..

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