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Melanie Hamilton

J​ulie Gorshe

Doctors for Doctors

Tony Young

Kevin Dyels

Susan Kuntz

Gregory Houston

Susan Dale Heatherly

Joanne Meyers

Randy Hale

Katie Brugger

Dewey Gantz

Diane Tillotson

Union Church – Waban, MA

Bill Kenney & Suzanne Reitz

Diane, Dave, and Reisha Foertsch

Samuel United Church of Christ, St. Louis MO

Laurie and Robert Carter

Jaiden Wolfman

August and Clare Adams

Angela and Karl Shurtleff

Jim and Kate Young

Donald Ross

Louis Fiore & Jean Christoffersen

Sandy Sheil

Chris Kowal

Alicia Collins and Tony Abbiati

Hope Wall

Craig Thrasher

Alex Brown and Karen Weisgerber

Alfredo Diaz Hernandez

Tom and Marilyn Young

Jeff Landi

Jessica Maldonado and Shawn Kuruganti

TreeCasa Resort