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In the month of August of each year, the A. Jean Brugger Foundation, through the Scholarship Program, opens with the call for university scholarships to students from the municipality of San Juan del Sur. We received more than 40 applications and the scholarship committee selects a maximum of 20 students for the scholarship benefit. For the selection of students to benefit from the scholarship, there is a scholarship committee made up of 6 members (Board of Directors and director of the A. Jean Brugger Foundation). The scholarship committee carries out a strict selection process with institutional criteria already defined for the selection of a certain number of students to benefit from the university scholarship. Once the student is selected for the scholarship benefit, the next step is the management and/or search for financial resources through a sponsor to finance and formalize the scholarship benefit for the student.

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Dayana Carolina Carmona Rojas

Career: Public Accounting

Age: 18 Years

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Estrella Mileny lópez Sánchez

Career: Public Accounting

Age: 20 Years


Evans Antonio Solís Martínez

Career: International Business

Age: 18 Years


José Jesús Hernández Herrera

Career: Architecture

Age: 17 Years



Career: Business Administration

Age: 19 Years

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