Sexual reproductive health education for adolescent women and mothers
(Day for girls)

This social initiative is implemented by six scholarship students in the professional careers of medical sciences. The main objective is to help more adolescent girls and mothers of families in rural areas access basic information on sexual reproductive health, and other topics of female health. The training topics provided by the students are: Physiological changes and processes in adolescence, sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of pregnancy in adolescence, contraceptive methods, prevention of intrauterine and breast cancer. The social initiative also includes the delivery of a kit of ecological sanitary napkins, including an explanation about the use and care of it. We intend to benefit 150 adolescent women and mothers of families from 5 communities (El Pochote, San Antonio, Tortuga, Ojo de Agua and Miravalle) in the municipality of San Juan del Sur.


Within the social initiative, students receive training by a medical specialist in the subject of sexual reproductive health so that they could obtain greater knowledge for a better development of the project.


The implementation of this project is thanks to the solidarity and alliance between the Fundación A. Jean Brugger of the municipality of San Juan del Sur and the “International Foundation Days for Girls” a non-profit NGO in the USA that has donated the kits of ecological sanitary napkins.

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Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives

scholarship students

Michel Carolina López González


Leticia de los Ángeles Dangla


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Videl Araly Pizarro Alemán


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