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Download the form to apply for a scholarship

How to apply for a university scholarship?

The call period to apply for a university scholarship application is during the
first two weeks of August, in which applications are received. The
You can obtain the form to apply for a scholarship by downloading it through the page
website or at the offices of Fundación A. Jean Brugger.

What are the requirements to apply for a university scholarship application?

  1.  Have an average of 85% in the last two years (4th and 5th years of high school)
     Real financial need.
     Be a resident of the municipality of San Juan del Sur.
     Have a history of involvement in social initiatives in their community

What documents to ANNEX to the scholarship application?

1.-Write a letter of intent describing your interest and importance in obtaining a scholarship
addressed to Fundación A. Jean Brugger, signed by the applicant and his/her father/mother and/or guardian.

2.-Carta de entendimiento del procedimiento para la selección y formalización de beneficio
de beca firmada por estudiante y padres de familias (Este documento lo emite Fundación
A. jean Brugger.

3.-Photocopy of the 4th and 5th year Transcript of Qualifications (I semester if in
course). In case you are studying a professional career, present a report of
grades for the first semester of the current year.

4.-Copy of Identity Card in case of application process, copy of departure of birth

5.-Copia del Diploma de bachillerato.

Foto tamaño carnet

7.-Salary certificate or most recent INSS stub and identity card of the Father and the
Mother or guardian who is actively working. If they do not work in the formal sector
present a letter signed by the father and/or mother of the family or guardians in which they explain the
activity that generates income and the reason for the scholarship application of the child and the income
average monthly household income.

8.-Proforma of the University to which you want to enter.

9.-Copy of bill of water, electricity, telephone and internet of the last month cancelled.

What is the procedure to obtain a response to the scholarship application?

The quotas of scholarship opportunities are limited when participating in the calls for
apply for a university scholarship, therefore, the scholarship committee performs a strict process of
selection with institutional criteria already defined for the election of a certain number
of students to benefit from the university scholarship. Once the student is
selected for the scholarship benefit the next step is the management of resources
economic to finance and formalize the scholarship contract, therefore, the
student must wait a first period of time (in the first 6 months) to
that Fundación A. Jean Brugger provide you with a response on the results of the

fund management, if we do not have an answer in the first 6 months, another one is offered
extension of background search for 2 more months to give a definitive answer, in
In case of not finding a sponsor or funds during the extension period, the
working on resource management to respond to the following year.
While the student is waiting for a response from Fundación A. Jean Brugger
With respect to fund management, it must report at least once during the
year your occupation status is employment, academic or unoccupied.

What is the process and criteria that are implemented for the selection of the students to benefit from scholarship.

There is a scholarship committee made up of 5 people, including members of the board Board of directors and staff of Fundación A. Jean Brugger. The steps and criteria considered by the scholarship committee are as follows:

Selection of application for scholarship applications (First filter selection to interview): They are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Academic average
  • Real economic condition.
  • Professional career to study (Among the priorities the careers of Humanities, social sciences, agronomy, veterinary, another of greater need for the municipality).
  • Zone of origin of the applicant (Rural-Urban).
  • Gender (Equitable).
  • Some relevant history of social volunteering (Optional Criterion).
  • Interviews with those selected: A pre-existing verbal interview guide is applied. designed in which the following criteria or variables are evaluated or considered:

  • economic condition.
  • Study area.
  • Leadership
  • Social awareness.
  • Values and principles.
  • Perspectives.
  • Selection of the students to benefit from the scholarship: For the selection of the students to benefit from the scholarship will be considered the results of the selection criteria in the interview valued or weighted in the matrix of evaluation of each committee participant in the interview; later a consolidated total score of all committee participants for selection definitive. The score for beneficiary selection is from 80 to 100 points

    Notification of response to scholarship application candidates: Fundación A. Jean Brugger, through the Social Programs Management area, will communicate the resolution of your request according to the following results:

    a) Scholarship applications that do not pass the interview.

    b) Scholarship applications that go through the interview, but are not selected.

    c) Call for those selected with a scholarship benefit to take photos and short video as input for editing and designing the student profile selected to benefit scholarship and resource management or scholarship sponsor.