The problem: Rural students can’t attend high school classes.

In the rural areas surrounding San Juan del Sur there are dozens of small communities, all of which have elementary schools (through sixth grade). But to attend high school the young people need to travel into San Juan del Sur, and due to distance, poor roads, and lack of transport many of these young people cannot make the journey. The Rural High School Institute grew out of the requests of the parents in these communities for help in educating their children.

The solution: the Rural High School Institute brings the school to the communities.

Every Saturday teachers travel to two rural communities, one to the north and one to the south, picking up students along the way. In 2017 70 students participate, including some adults who could not attend high school as teen-agers. The teachers either volunteer their time or are paid a small stipend; they are universally passionate about the importance of bringing secondary education to the rural communities. Another reason for their passion: several of the teachers are graduates of the RHSI, which allowed them to attend university and pursue a career.


​Support: The RHSI is an independent program, founded by a native of San Juan del Sur, Professor Edgard Henriquez Maliaños. Fundación A. Jean Brugger has been a principal supporter of this program for over 10 years. The RHSI operates on a shoestring budget and is in need of more support, particularly for teaching materials and computers.

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