social initiatives 2023

Project name

Reinforcement in reading and writing skills “I like to read and write”

The initiative of school reinforcement in reading and writing is implemented by two groups of 11 scholarship students in the careers of teaching and economic sciences and is executed in two communities (El Oro and Las Delicias) of the municipality of San Juan del Sur. 

Project name

Community organization, participation and management

This social initiative will restore the María Teresa de Calcula pre-school in the community of El Oro in the municipality of San Juan del Sur, in alliance with the people of El Oro. The initiative includes the components of training in community organization and the collection and management of resources to for the community as part of the process of doing the restoration on the school.

project name

Pre-university vocational guidance

This is the third year that the initiative “Vocational Guidance” has been presented. This year 30 adolescents in their senior year will participate, they attend one of the two high Schools in San Juan del Sur: Stella Maris (private) and Emanuel Mongalo y Rubio National Institute (public).


Strengthening the structure and functioning of the family nucleus

This initiative is implemented by three groups of 13 scholarship students in the teaching and economic sciences careers who are responsible for executing said initiative, distributed in 3 communities (Cebadilla, Ostional and Las Delicias) of the municipality of San Juan del Sur, with the advice and accompaniment of Fundación Jean Brugger and a specialist in the subject who trained them for a better performance in the development of reinforcement classes for children.

Mental health promotion and prevention of mental disorders
Medical counseling for people with chronic noncommunicable diseases “If I know, I prevent and extend my Life”
Sexual reproductive health education for adolescent women and mothers (Day for girls)
Promotion of efficient and rational management of electricity in the homes of the community of El Remanso in San Juan del Sur
Counseling in sexual reproductive health to girls of Escuela Adelante integrated into the Chicas Adelante project