Pre-university vocational guidance

This is the third year that the initiative “Vocational Guidance” has been presented. This year 30 adolescents in their senior year will participate, they attend one of the two high Schools in San Juan del Sur: Stella Maris (private) and Emanuel Mongalo y Rubio National Institute (public). 

This initiative is implemented by 6 scholarship students in the careers of economic sciences and marketing. Fundación A. Jean Brugger has designed a program composed of 20 topics that are developed in two sessions per month for 8 months starting in May and ending in December 2023. The contents that are developed are focused so that students identify their skills and interests; know their personality, the labor market, academic offers, processes to enter the higher education system, and opportunities to apply for scholarships; and the application of a vocational test. The goal is to assist the young people in making the best decision for the choice of a career. The last two sessions of the program provide the student with information on how to prepare a resume.

The project also will include time for reflection on life goals, with discussion on topics such as how to achieve what you want and how to face obstacles that arise on the way to achieving what you want.

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Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives

scholarship students

Jonathan David Dávila Alemán

Public accounting

Priscilla Alexandra Carmona

Public accounting


Lais Auxiliadora Contreras

Public accounting


Stefany Libeth Brenes López

Tourism and hospitality Management

DianaR 2022

Diana Mercedes Ruiz

Public accounting


Nicole Alexandra González Matamoros.

Communication science with integrated marketing