Pre-university Vocational Guidance

This initiative is implemented by two groups of 9 scholarship students in the careers of economic, social, communication and legal sciences. The social initiative consists of developing a program of 5 thematic units of pre-university vocational guidance for eleventh grade students, within some of the thematic units are: Generalities of the vocational guidance program (Conceptualization, objectives, entrance diagnostic exam, expectations etc.), I know my personal characteristics (personality, aptitudes, interests, etc.). The objective of this social initiative is to guide eleventh grade students from public and private schools in the municipality of San Juan del Sur about the process to follow and how to apply for opportunities for higher university studies, to help them find their vocation according to their abilities. and talents and can develop better in a profession. The beneficiaries of this social initiative are eleventh-year high school students from the Stella Maris school and a group of students from the Emmanuel Mongalo y Rubio National Institute in the municipality of San Juan del Sur.

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Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives

scholarship students

Priscilla Alexandra Carmona

Laís Auxiliadora Contreras

Jonathan David Dávila Alemán

Esterlín Javier Chávez Fonseca