Mental health promotion and prevention of mental disorders

This initiative, on prevention of mental disorders, was proposed by a group of six scholarship students of medical sciences.

The purpose of the initiative is to prevent the onset of mental disorders; the students will develop and present educational talks on healthy lifestyle habits, such as practices that promote mental health and emotional well-being, to 30 adolescents, youth and adults. They will utilize a comprehensive approach intended to raise awareness among families about the factors that contribute to the emotional and mental deterioration in adolescents and young people. Likewise, the project will show the participants how to improve dialogue skills, such as helping them accept, communicate and resolve conflicts. This project will take place in the community of Las Delicias in the municipality of San Juan del Sur.

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Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives

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Fátima de los Angeles Espinoza


Marjeling Junnieth Delgadillo Dávila



Helem Magdiela Bustos López



María Jimena Lugo Guillén

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