Medical counseling for people with chronic noncommunicable diseases 
"If I know, I prevent and extend my Life"

This social initiative is implemented by a group of six scholarship students in the medical sciences career.

The Social Initiative consists of developing talks on the management and prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, prostate, obesity, thyroid, etc. The objective of the initiative is to guide people with chronic diseases and those who are at risk of developing them. The students will present guidelines and strategies that counteract the damage that chronic diseases can cause in the body and thus help the participants achieve a better quality of life. The initiative will also integrate the family as a protective factor. The beneficiaries of this initiative are 30 adults with chronic disease and young people at risk of developing it in the Cebadilla community of the municipality of San Juan del Sur.

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Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives

scholarship students

Jhon Alexander Talavaera Juárez

General medicine

Kevin Alonso Ruiz

Medical technology


Kristel Gabriela Castillo Rodríguez

General medicine


Brandon Josué Vargas Ceciliano

General medicine


Bryan de Jesús Vargas Alegría


NoheliaL 2022

Nohelia Damaris López Ponce


Emily 2023

Emily Dayansy Jiménez Serrano