What did you study, year of graduation, and in which university?
Physiotherapy, generation 2010, UNAN Managua

What is your current job?
I am self-employed as a physical therapist and masseuse.

Are you doing any volunteer service currently?
I like doing social service because it is a way to give back what I received. I also think that it is a way of showing gratitude to the Fundación. Currently I am the Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Fundación A. Jean Brugger, a volunteer position.

What impact did having a scholarship from FAJB have on your life?
I felt a mixture of feelings receiving the positive news, I remember crying with joy because it was what I needed to go to university, my parents wanted me to study but we had no economic resources.

What is the most important thing you learned during your time with FAJB?
The meaning of being grateful; the scholarship was a real blessing for me. Being in the different activities taught me to work as a team with people with different characters and spirits, among other things. Today they are pleasurable memories, and I’m glad to know that we were a great team.
What are your dreams?
My dreams were to start a studio but given the different crises that the country has gone through, I couldn’t. I also dream of studying bioanalysis or pharmacy, I love both of them.
How important is having a university title to achieving your goals?
The important thing about having a degree is having credibility, better salary and being preferred by clients.
Are you married, do you have children?
 I am married and have 2 girls, Georgina 12 and Isabella of 4.