Reinforcement in reading and writing skills "I like to read and write"

The initiative of school reinforcement in reading and writing is implemented by two groups of 11 scholarship students in the careers of teaching and economic sciences and is executed in two communities (El Oro and Las Delicias) of the municipality of San Juan del Sur. 70 children benefit from pre-school to sixth grade. Fundación A. Jean Brugger provides the scholarship students who are responsible for this social initiative the training and advice of a specialist in order to guarantee better performance and quality in the development of the reinforcement classes for children.

With the execution of this educational initiative, the child receives reinforcement classes based on techniques, methodologies and basic recreational resources for a better assimilation of learning. The activities are addressed in a comprehensive manner with children and parents in order to ensure better learning in reading comprehension. The initiative includes didactic materials for both children and facilitators, this makes the achievement of results more effective since the classes proceed in an organized manner.

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Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives ( "EL ORO"Community)

scholarship students

Alba Valezka Espinoza Quintanilla

Public accounting

Esterlin Javier Chávez Fonseca

Public accounting

JenifferF 2022

Jennifer Masiel Fonseca Gaitán

Business Administration


Paola Valeska Mora Romero

Business Administration


Sharon Dayana Moran Estrada.

Business Administration

Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives ( "LAS DELICIAS"Community)

scholarship students

Dayling Daniela Chavez Guzman






Marianne Villagra Guillén

Public account


Mileydi Leticia Orozco


Yendri 2022

Yendri Masiel Pérez Chavez



Yohana Karina Sánchez Flores

Special education in pedagogy