Family counseling is the lighthouse that illuminates the path of family coexistence, strengthening the very essence of our families and building a resilient fabric that lasts over time”
We have included within our community interventions of our community social service program, attention to good practices of healthy coexistence within the family structure and functioning, in that sense in the year 2023 we began a transformative journey in the Hermanos Mendoza neighborhood, where The A. Jean Brugger Foundation has sown seeds of love and family strength. With the commitment to promote good relationships between parents and children, we have provided training to 20 brave families, addressing vital topics such as strengthening the family unit, cultivating self-esteem, communication and transmitting values.
We thank volunteer scholarship students, families and community for their interest, participation and perseverance in this significant social initiative developed in the community of Los Hermanos Mendoza; that united in this noble purpose, we close this chapter with the certainty that together as a community, we are building solid foundations for a future full of hope and resilience in families.

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