Prevention of viral diseases in our community
"Together we can achieve it"

This social initiative is implemented by another group of students with scholarships in professional careers in the medical sciences. The main objective they pursue is to raise awareness and provide parents with information on the prevention of common viral diseases and the adoption of correct hygiene measures in the home environment. The main training topics are emphasized on infectious-contagious diseases, whether of viral or bacterial origin; between these; respiratory, gastrointestinal, hemorrhagic infections and preventive recommendations. The beneficiary community: Hermanos Mendoza neighborhood.

Photo gallery

Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives

scholarship students

Jhon Alexander Talavera

Kristel Gabriela Castillo

Leticia de los Ángeles Dangla

Fátima de los Ángeles Espinoza

Miurel Francellys Martínez