Counseling in sexual reproductive health to girls of Escuela Adelante
integrated into the Chicas Adelante project

This social initiative is implemented by two scholarship students in nursing and pharmacy careers with the support of the group of scholarship holders who execute the Day For Girls project in rural communities.

The initiative is thanks to the solidarity and alliance between the Fundación A. Jean Brugger and Escuela Adelante, in order to benefit girls in the fifth and sixth grade of primary school. The project is developed with a single objective, to promote education in sexual reproductive health, to achieve access to timely and accurate health information that is essential to break the stigmas and limitations in this issue, and to build a more equitable and sustainable world for women and girls.

The social initiative consists of developing a thematic program on sexual reproductive health in such a way that it educates adolescents about the physiological changes in the body during adolescence, body care and hygiene, and the prevention of diseases and premature pregnancies in adolescents. They will be provided with the kit of ecological sanitary napkins to obtain a better awareness between health and the environment. The project also will include time for reflection on life goals, with discussion on topics such as how to achieve what you want and how to face obstacles that arise on the way to achieving what you want.

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Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives

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