Helping young leaders bring about social and economic change in their communities

The Community Service Program emphasizes volunteerism and challenges students to work toward social and economic progress in their community and toward developing leadership skills. Participation is mandatory for all FAJB sponsorship students. Students implement social programs in their communities using their own knowledge and skills. 
Students identify a need in their barrio, or neighborhood, devise a project to address that need including developing a budget, implement the project, and then prepare and deliver a presentation to a student meeting.
Program Director Alvaro Novoa works closely with the students at all stages of development and implementation of the community service projects.
The projects have included environmental efforts such as community cleanup campaigns and the municipal recycling program, social projects such as women’s health and at risk youths, and educational programs such as tutoring in mathematics, physics, and English. 
The Community Service Project is part of FAJB’s committment to build strong community values. Our commitment is not limited to educational opportunities, but also investing in the community around us.