Community organization, participation and management

This initiative is implemented by six scholarship students in the careers of civil engineering and architecture.

This social initiative will restore the María Teresa de Calcula pre-school in the community of El Oro in the municipality of San Juan del Sur, in alliance with the people of El Oro. The initiative includes the components of training in community organization and the collection and management of resources to for the community as part of the process of doing the restoration on the school.

The main objective is to help the community in the development of leadership skills, ability to organize, and increase community participation and self-management.

One of the goals of the project is the organization of a committee trained to be self-managers of future projects for the benefit of the community.

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Group of scholarship students responsible for implementing initiatives

scholarship students

Eliezer David Mendoza López

Civil Engineering

Yordan Concepción Marin R.

Engineering in design and construction


Jhonny Fernando Brizuela Valerio


HildaO 2022

Hilda María Ortega Arceda



Jorge Antonio Ramos Acuña



Cristopher Josué Cascante Cárdenas

Civil Engineering