TreeCasa Resort

TreeCasa Resort is dedicated to sustainability, wellness, and exploration, with a hotel and residential community nestled in the trees high above the Pacific Ocean. They are passionate about community, and as part of their commitment to social responsibility they have created an alliance with Fundación A. Jean Brugger, including putting a donate button on their website. Learn more about TreeCasa Resort and our alliance here.

Discover San Juan del Sur Nicaragua Real Estate

Natalie Sullivan, the owner of Discover Real Estate SJDS, has been a supporter of Fundación A. Jean Brugger since her first visit to San Juan in 2000 when she brought three suitcases full of shoes for the Uniform Project. Through the years Natalie has supported many Fundación projects, including luncheons for the elderly and hurricane relief projects in 2020. Natalie has also supported the work of the Fundación by hiring our graduates to work in her office. Learn more about our alliance here

Christopher Shatagin Sports Foundation

Since 2005 the CSSF has funded two baseball camps a year; they also donate baseball equipment whenever possible. They are our partner in our mission to provide after-school opportunities for the youth of SJDS.

Doctors For Doctors

Doctors for Doctors and FAJB are leading efforts together to facilitate the education and healthcare of local rural Nicaraguans in the SJDS area. These efforts include a sponsorship program that gives local students the opportunity to become doctors or nurses with the aim that they return to their communities and provide healthcare for those in need.

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