Fundación A Jean Brugger is a non-profit organization based in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua, devoted to assisting promising Nicaraguan youth through education. Our mission is to create and promote programs in education and community service. Our commitment to this has resulted in the graduation of over 90 local students from university, the current sponsorship of 52 college students who participate in community service projects as part of their scholarship, community programs such as Youth at Risk and aid to families during crises, assistance to rural schools through donations of school supplies, and annual baseball camps for boys and girls.

The Fundación has a staff of 3 full-time Nicaraguan employees who provide the professional expertise for all Fundación activities and community liaisons. The Fundación has fostered, built and maintained strong relationships with our local community and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education to deliver program and services to the youth of San Juan del Sur.   

The Fundación was founded in 2000 by A Jean Brugger, a retired nurse from the United States, and is registered in both Nicaragua and the United States. In the United States it is called The A. Jean Brugger Education Project, and is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit foundation (EIN 04-3558890). Our Board of Directors and Local Advisory Group support the foundation as volunteers, without economic benefits. 

San Juan del Sur is the most visited vacation destination on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. As home to approximately 18,000 Nicaraguans, San Juan del Sur has emerged as a popular destination for adventurous travelers and expatriates. Although it has seen a rise in economic development in recent years, it is still difficult for many local families to send their children to university.

Fundación A Jean Brugger is making a positive difference by supporting the professional development of local young people and helping to build the next generation of leaders to improve the standard of living in San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua.